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Hello, friends! It's Britton, your go-to photographer, film creator, and ultimate hype girl! Welcome to my website, and I'm genuinely thrilled to have you here. Based in Warren, Minnesota, and with a strong connection to North Dakota, I'm ready to go wherever the adventures take us! While I adore the vast, flat landscapes and fertile soil of the Midwest, my heart craves the allure of varied topography and endless exploration.

Lately, my dreams have been filled with traveling to new destinations, capturing unforgettable moments for my clients. The Midwest will always hold a special place in my heart, but there's something magical about venturing beyond its borders. Seriously, take me anywhere, and let's make memories together!

My specialties lie in capturing the essence of weddings, seniors, and couples. I thrive on creating unique, non-traditional shots that truly stand out. For me, it's all about freezing moments that will last a lifetime, without any unnecessary complications. I believe in finding the art within life's beautiful chaos, and that's the philosophy I bring to every project.

Beyond my work, I'm also a passionate advocate for agriculture, wholeheartedly embracing the importance of food, fiber, and natural resources. As the proud wife of a farmer, you can definitely call me the "Farmer's Wife," and I take great joy in sharing the significance of these vital aspects of our lives.

So, buckle up and join me on this exhilarating journey. Let's create stunning visuals, celebrate love and individuality, and make meaningful connections along the way. Together, we'll unveil the artistry in chaos and capture moments that will be treasured for generations to come.




When it comes to creating a truly special wedding day for both of you as a couple, the choice of location plays a pivotal role. These places can hold immense significance and truly reflect the essence of your relationship. Just imagine experiencing the best day of your lives in your most cherished place on Earth. It would be an extraordinary and unforgettable moment, filled with pure magic. As a passionate advocate of destination weddings, I believe they possess an enchanting and profound quality. It will undoubtedly be the most remarkable experience for you, and I am committed to capturing every single moment and memory, so you can relive them throughout your lives.

If you're contemplating a destination wedding and wish to turn that dream into reality, please don't hesitate to reach out to me via email. I am already wholeheartedly dedicated and thrilled to meet you! Let's create timeless memories together!


  • alaska
  • pacific northwest
  • yosemite national park
  • glacier national park
  • yellowstone national park
  • boneville salt flats, utah
  • joshua tree, california
  • hawaii
  • iceland
  • geirangerfjord, norway
  • switzerland
  • rome, italy
  • santorini, greece
  • redwoods, california
  • saguaro national park, arizona
  • asheville, north carolina
  • badlands, north dakota
  • olympic national forest, washington
  • antelope canyon, arizona
  • big sur, california

"Wow. Britton! You are so good at this! I'm speechless. I've wanted this day back so bad and you just gave me it! Reliving through this video! Thank you! You're amazing!"

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